Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday report

The amaryllis is getting taller!

How many of these leaves do we get before the main action starts? There is a little green something in between these two leaves, but I wonder if it is just another leaf?

Only time will tell.

On the weekend I went out to the other side of Toronto, to the Beaches. KT wanted to find some certain bakery (so famous for its cinnamon buns that they'd sold out hours before we got there) and there are two yarn shops, and a shop that sells British candy and crisps.

We spent a bit of time at the Purple Purl, a new shop and soon-to-be cafe, and another brief moment in the Naked Sheep. I won't be making either of these my new favourite yarn shop, because they're not nearby, and they are small. There are three good small LYSs around here, and the mother of them all, Romni, so there is no need for me to travel for yarn! I like to look at books at small shops, but for yarn choice, I love the enormous Romni. However, the Purple Purl must be recommended because they have a big Mr Potato Head and a table and chairs. The boys were occupied for a reasonable length of time!

And of course, we went to the beach! There was a camera phone in attendance, but I don't know if/how/when the pictures will ever get off the phone... The boys climbed the lifeguard chairs on the mostly deserted and certainly snow-free beach, taking with them their "sticks," which were about 10 feet long! We left an art installation, Two Sticks and a Rock, on our final chair.

Meanwhile, Elaine went to our neighbourhood park and climbed a tree and read a book.

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