Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What I knit in New York

I had planned on finishing Arthur's sweater before going away last week, but I had one sleeve to go. I had ideas about what knitting needles I should or shouldn't take on the airplane, and perhaps these ideas were crazy. I looked at loads of patterns, emptied stash bags out on the bed and generally got all in a dither. I needed simple, not-too-pointy needles, not-too-bulky yarn...

So, at the last minute I shoved this in my bag, with no clear idea why...

and this, the last sleeve. But no extra ball of yarn! This is what I had after my flight.

So, the sleeve yarn was done before I got to my hotel. The purple and white was not inspiring, but I did start a bit of a neckwarmer. Then I ripped that out....

Ah, but Friday we went shopping! I got a ball of Manos at Purl, and also got some cool stitch holders, so I put the sleeve on the holders and started a hat with the Manos. Phew! I meant to get the hat finished before I went on the ferry, but this is it at the ferry terminal.

It finally got done once I got home to my dpns and could decrease the top easily. It's divine.

And, for future consideration, Helen brought me this laceweight merino from New Zealand!

The colours are perfect -- browny, aubergine, and greeny goldy and bluish.

I'm thinking this is the excuse I need to buy myself Victorian Lace Today!

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  1. Oh, believe me, you need no excuses to buy VLT - you should just go buy it. ;) It's a beautiful, beautiful book just to look at. Never mind the photos of Cambridge -including the Grad Pad! Though if you ever needed an excuse, that NZ yarn would be a good 'un. Also, how come you make New York look friendly and fun and inviting?? Everyone else makes it look big and grey and scary. But I'm scared of London (the one here, not hte one just down the road from Kitchener-Waterloo; I couldn't possibly comment on that one), so draw your own conclusions... ;)


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