Friday, October 03, 2008

Almost there

Here's the wrap thingmabob drying, nicely laid out flat. It grew a bit in width and length, and the edges settled down a bit, but not enough, I think.

I still plan to add a few rows of seed stitch on the edge that I would call the bottom.

Of course, if one sticks the other arm through the hole, that would become the top.

You can see the squooshy texture and softy warmy goodness of it here, not to mention the cable.

You put 10 stitches on the cable needle, knit 10, then twist the cable needle and knit the stitches off it! Very 3-D indeed!

Fastened in front with a wooden knitting needle. Must get fancy shawl pin, I'd say!

It looks almost normal, don't you think?

The new and improved back view. See how the seed stitch at the top curls -- I don't mind that so much, since it makes a sort of collar/lapel action.

Put the head through the hole...

and wrap cleverly. Gigantic scarf-like thing.

This is the short end hanging down!

The photographer gets to fool around a bit...

Since my photographer was well enough to go to school today, we had to wait till 4 pm to take the pictures, and that's why they are a bit shaky.

Holy crow, I already posted today! Two in one day, what a special occasion!

This might call for a drink or something!


  1. You are absolutely wonderful. I never know next what you will be up to and this scarf/? leaves me's piece of wearable sculpture

  2. This is one funky piece of clothing! Wherever did you find the inspiration for that?! Cool!!!!


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