Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another classic design from the garbage

The community centre down the street was doing some clearing out, and put this by the side of their dumpster.

An honest-to-God Bell and Howell film projector!

Isn't it style-y? Cast your mind back to elementary school, films shown in the lunchroom, teachers winding the film through the windy route to the take-up reel.

It's that green colour -- before the beige of the home computer, many high-tech products seem to have been green!

It's got a handle for easy carrying -- despite the fact that it must weigh 20 pounds!

The complete instruction sheet. And it works! We plugged it in, and all systems were go.

Unfortunately, we have nothing to show on it!

My choices are now:
  1. leave it in the basement to collect dust and get in the way, and occasionally provide us with the amusement of looking at it.
  2. put it on Kijiji or Ebay or some such thing and go to the trouble of getting a few bucks for it.
  3. Freecycle it. Maybe someone would use it, and it didn't cost me anything other than the labour of lugging it down the street.
I could knit it a cosy and call it art, but I'd still have to put it somewhere!


  1. There are some libraries that lend out super8 and 16mm films. (I can't tell what kind of film it takes) If you're really lucky some of them will have cut down versions of old films. I saw Jaws that way once.

  2. Hi Mary! Glad you liked the funky river water...that shld appeal to you as a knitter. (I enjoyed your blue shots.....great "open stitch" shawl style work...and that classic red jumper!!! Smoooooth!!!

    I think you should give the lovely projector a sort of "antique icon" space in the living room and just alternate it now and then. Have it open and "casually arranged" with lid on the side (but don't let it get dusty).

    Greetings and tks for dropping in.

  3. I had my dad's old 8mm projecter, the films were far too fragile to attempt to show them, i had them put on DVD, and the place that did it took the projector for window art.


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