Monday, October 27, 2008

Big brown rectangle

The big brown wrap is done. I have very little yarn left, out of seven skeins.

I just kept following the little chart for the back till I was almost out of yarn, counting my repeats and switching between the pieces to keep it all even, before grafting the two sides together.

Grafting from 6 mm needles is much more enjoyable than grafting sock toes! But by the end of the eighty-whatever stitches, the yarn was very fuzzy and stressed. I wouldn't want to do any big seams with the Manos!

I don't usually cut my head off, but this time it was necessary, believe me!

It'll keep me warm and toasty. The yarn is soft, but I don't think it'll be tickly, so I can wear it wrapped around my face in a raging blizzard, if I happen to be out in a raging blizzard. (The kids are hollering for snow already!)

But I say, this rectangular knitting has got to stop! This month I have knit the fine blue lace rectangle, the chunky blue rectangle, the big brown rectangle and the Kool-Aid rectangle. I'll make something with shaping any day now!

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  1. I always thought "brown" and "lace" were the antithesis of one another, but this wrap looks beautiful! Shows you what I know!


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