Sunday, October 19, 2008

The secret revealed

Yesterday my brother and his wife came for tea, before popping off to the theatre, all to celebrate Sally's special birthday.

And, for a special birthday, some lucky souls get secret knitting.

It all started with winding 470 meters of yarn into a ball, by hand. It took an hour. Really. And I had to do it three times, since it took just over 2 skeins of Malabrigo lace to make this baby.

I muttered to myself a lot during this project, and started and stopped things more than usual. The lace is not "simple"; it's not a symmetric diamond or single leaf or box. And there are K3togs, and SSSKs!

I really enjoy the little variations in the colour!

There is supposed to be a knit-on border, but the chart is so full of B for bead (which I was disregarding) that my head exploded whenever I looked at it.

I finally thought that after all that lace, a stole might just want something simple on the ends, and remembered this shawl and its garter ruffle.

So that's what we ended up with, and I tell you, laceweight garter stitch is not really any more fun than laceweight lace!

Isn't it lovely? Wasn't it worth all that lacy slogging? Yes, I think so!

I was instructed that no terrible pictures were to appear on the blog.


Funnily enough, I got this pattern from the same magazine where I found the One Sleeve Wrap: it's a Vogue Knitting pattern from 2007's holiday edition. I didn't really notice it flipping through the magazine, but several people have made it and posted pictures to Ravelry, which show the shawl better than the original. It's really a very pretty pattern, I must say!

And Happy Birthday to Sally!


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! As a non-knitter, I really don't know how much slogging went into this, but since Stephen said there was a lot of muttering, well...even more thanks are due.
    Sorry we were so late but the afternoon tea was just what we needed. Thank you to all involved, especially the "choir".

  2. and very nice it looks too! I can understand the frustration with the yarn (having the same problems with some stitching floss myself at the moment!), now are you going to be totally daft and make one for yourself as well?


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