Friday, October 10, 2008

Trying this again

My new yarn is behaving itself perfectly.

Except that the teeny stripe of white bits doesn't go around a full 68-stitch sock! Adds to the mystique, I suppose. I have just started the Mesh Rib pattern, but guess what? I didn't actually have the pattern in front of me when I started, so I got it mostly right, but with a p1, k2 where it should have been p2, k1. Oh well, it's meshy and ribby, and that's what matters.

And our garden is still producing. We have lots of these chilis, and they are mostly still green. I think a week of sunshine should set us right, though.

We got a wee little plant of cherry tomatoes from a friend at the beginning of the summer, and it has been giving us gorgeous yellow cherry toms for weeks! Unfortunately it's not very photogenic because we really didn't take good care of it, just sort of let it do what it wanted, and it has sprawled all over our front yard. A bit of careful staking should have been done some months ago, I think. Next year...

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  1. I let my tomatoes sprawl this year as an experiment. Not a big success, I must say. The real question is can the sock do the Rubik's Cube?


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