Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A very quick little rectangle

Sometimes when I finish a large project I just feel at loose ends, and can't commit to something big, or picking up a project already half-done. Must do something little and silly before settling down!

On the weekend I went to a yarn swap at Knitomatic. The kids totally scored with a Knifty Knitter kit -- though Arthur has started a project with it and finds it very slow going. And I got some dishcloth cotton scraps and a bag of yarn samples. There were several from the Manos people, but only two of the worsted weight. So pretty, so useless... I had my wee little brown ball leftover from my wrap, and dug around to see what else I could find.

The blue/orange/pink at the bottom is part of a sample skein -- imagine a knot in a teeny short sample! I will save the other bit for the other end of the scarf! Then we have green handspun from Pender Island -- not very well spun, lots of over-spun bits, but very woolly and nice on the hands. The purply-pink is another Manos sample, and the grey is something called Maya from Classic Elite which has been sitting around for a long time.

Now I'm into the turquoise/ rust combo. I got this from a friend in a pre-move clean-out. It should give me about another 8 or 10 inches of scarf, I think. Then I'll put in the brown, the rest of the grey, the Thundercloud leftovers and the final bit to match the first! And hope that's enough! It seems to be just zipping along.

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