Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's have a contest

A while ago I won something on a blog contest and said, Oooh, I never win anything! Well, this is not now true! I have won at least 3 things in recent memory! So, now it's time to have my own contest, so one of you can win something!

I told you about my "new" knitting book. Here we have the boy, the girl and the car. Leave me a comment telling me what's going on, and I shall pick a random winner.

What are they saying?

The winner will receive a total delight! I happen to have a skein of yarny goodness waiting just for you, and I will pick a winner next Monday, Feb 16th. Let's say at high noon, shall we?


  1. I'm thinking something Austin Powers-esque...


    P.S. What a good day to come and visit you... contest!
    I have been knitting once again and have a couple things on the go... trying to update my ravelry. Gimme few days and go check it out!

  2. "But Darling, we must leave the top down because my pants are too tight for me to sit".

  3. "Sweetheart you will have to go into the shop and buy me some trousers, these are only paint after all!"

  4. LOL - I'm afraid my creative juices are drawing a complete blank on this one, but I'd swear it's almost identical to a photograph that was on the front of a road atlas that my parents used to own. Except without the knitwear. Maybe they saved money on the models/car hire by combining photo shoots??

  5. A bit boring but ... I think she's just told him about a yarn sale thats just about to start half an hours drive away so that she can make him another warm sweater that he'll feel obliged to wear even though its midsummer. He can only think about showing off his car to one of her gorgeous friends that will be there.

  6. "Darling I know yarn is expensive and I love that you spent our savings on making me this gorgeous baby nappy coloured cardigan, but don't you think we need to buy seats for our car?"

  7. "You know, Darling, I do think standing like that disguises the mistake in the right front very nicely... an idea you got from Vogue Knitting, you say?"


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