Sunday, February 01, 2009

Time to plan a little

I've been generally running amok here lately, knitting-wise.

I had to run out yesterday to buy a 4.5 mm circular needle because my good one is stuck in a project and I just had to have another one for a knit-all-in-one-piece baby blanket. I did start it on straights, but they were very long, and murder-weapon pointy*. All very well, but not good for knitting on the bus!

This is another stashbusting project with cotton, cotton/wool, and silk, and I see that I might just run short, but I'll see what I can do.

I saw a friend the other day, all bundled up in a long down coat, and she reports that she is due to have a baby within weeks! See what happens when we all go into hibernation for months on end?

(Not only do people get pregnant, but months go by with no one noticing!) I'm wondering if I dare give her this multi-fibre, gentle-cold-wash blanket. Or should I just make a hat?

Whatever, so, baby blanket is project number 1.

Sock is number 2.

Denim cardigan, number 3, and perhaps the one I'll work on on Wednesdays.

I was going along so well with this, but now I'm sort of adrift, wondering what my plans had been for the patterns and so on. It needs a bit of concentration, and if I have a fun sock and a fun blanket, why would I concentrate on this?

Because I look forward to actually wearing it!? Yes!

As always, I reserve the right to change my mind entirely over the next month... I did sign up for Vest-uary on Ravelry, after all, so I maybe should make a vest!

Last but not least, I must show you what I got from Liz!

She had a contest, which I promptly entered. I didn't get any answers right, but my promptness won me this gorgeous soft shimmery bag, and some bejeweled stitch markers, made by Jan Eaton. I feel like I should put something dainty and precious in the bag, but as it is, I shoved my sock-in-progress in it when I went out yesterday.

*I've just finished a biography of Agatha Christie; I don't usually think of knitting needles as murder weapons.


  1. Everything looks fantastic Mary and I hope you do have enough wool for the baby blanket (and yes I think your friend would love it). Many congratulations on winning the bag as well!

  2. Must check out the book. I was just talking about that old movie that had Vanessa Redgrave as Agatha Christie. I liked it at the time but that was, ahem, many years ago.

  3. Glad the bag's in use! I made it sock-project-sized...

    And what is it with 4.5mm needles and Toronto residents? I've just been reading the Yarn Harlot's tribulation with hers!


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