Monday, January 25, 2010

It might be quicker to make it in marble

Those of you who hang on my every word will remember that I once admired a certain floor in the Louvre, and decided to knit it.

I took this baby out this weekend because I needed "yakking with knitters in the coffee shop" knitting, and wasn't I good to work on this instead of starting something new?

This is not that much like the original, is it? (Just tilt your head -- I was too lazy to rotate the picture...)

I see that the stone one isn't as simple as I'd first thought. I was just making this:

But, as I now see, the colours are not uniformly distributed:

And, of course, I have 4 colours instead of 6 -- and there is a lot of variation in those 6! In fact, I have used two different light browns and a bit of silvery grey for some of the white -- aren't I clever? (No, because I have now used up all the second light brown in a different project...)

Ah well, since it is not a project I have worked on with any real diligence, I will put these issues off yet again and worry about it later!

For fun, I will continue to pay attention to my brown collection and keep an eye out for good yarn for this, but really, Must Knit Skiers! (I have the back and 1.5 fronts up to the arms, and will get everything to that point and then join in a yoke.)

I must add that I just put a batch of brownies in the oven. As I was putting the batter into the pan, I realised I hadn't greased the pan. Will disaster follow?


  1. what a fun knitting puzzle you've given yourself! i like these sort of long term challenges.

    so did the brownies come out of the pan?!!?

  2. what are you making out of the louve floor? hope the bronies turned out okay!!

  3. you decided to knit the floor of the louvre? that might be the coolest inspiration i've ever heard of! and it is looking great! what an inpsired idea!


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