Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now here's a paragraph

I am reading the original Julie/Julia project blog these days. I am maybe half-way through. Of course, Julie talks about her cooking, but she also talks about her husband and politics and New York and food. She has at least inspired me to put Julia Child's book on hold at the library, so I can make leeks gratinees and beef stew with anchovies in it!

But look at this -- this is perfect:

"It seems to me – and I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit – that any revolution in food and agricultural [sic] has to be two pronged. Yes, by all means, extol the virtues of the artisanal this and organic that, patronize the small farmers and the renegade cheese-makers, if you can afford it. But the goal is to make good food available to everyone, isn’t it? And that means doing more than opening a hoity-toity restaurant. That means lobbying and teaching and bringing the food to Mohammed, and otherwise getting your hands dirty. Get the peach to the inner city kids killing themselves with Krispy Kremes. Get the peach to the 22-year-old mother of three living off welfare checks, dependent on the Bargain Market in the strip mall. Do that – and I don’t know how you do – and you’ve really got something.

Otherwise, you’re just shoveling horseshit for rich people.

[And with that, Julie modestly descends from her soapbox.]"

From March 18, 2003. You can also read the comments there that offer some other thoughts.

And now, I shall go knit a sweater. Oh, I need a picture...

This will be my Knitting Olympics official cup. A tacky touristy Vancouver mug from likely 20 or 30 years ago. There are other significant things that would be on a modern-day tourist mug, I think!

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  1. oh i love your dedication to actually have a designated knitting olympics mug! that's awesome! thanks for the quote, it's a good one! i actually read the book but never even thought of going back and reading the original blog- i'll check it out, thanks!


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