Monday, January 18, 2010

The very exciting spelling bee

Elaine was in the school spelling bee last week. There were 22 kids to start, from grades 4, 5 and 6. We parents were stuck way up in the bleachers, but the spellers had a microphone so we had no trouble hearing. The whole school was watching!

That's her in the middle in the red pants, spelling one of her first words. The benches are full of kids. As time went on, the crowd of spellers dwindled.

That was her penultimate word -- I was saving camera battery power so didn't catch her last try -- "synthetically." The last successfully spelled word of the day was "muesli"!

Now we must watch Spellbound, and see what happens next year!


  1. oh i love this! thanks so much for sharing! and congratulations to Elaine-- that takes guts!

  2. Hey, my Lily is in there too! She couldn't even pronounce her last word but was very impressed with herself that she got "photosynthesis" correct :)

  3. Elaine is brave! (Mind you, I'd have loved to have done something like that when I was her age, might have made up for all my humiliations on the sports field...)


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