Thursday, April 07, 2011

April square

This month's square for the Block-a-Month KAL seems to have caused quite a stir! You have to slip some stitches, which should not be a big deal, but the square seems to look best if you slip them on the opposite side of the work to what the instructions say.

For those of you who follow instructions, that is. I just looked at the picture of someone else's square, thought it looked good in two colours instead of one, and off I went, trying to duplicate what she did, with only one eye on the instructions.

The word on the street (or, in the Ravelry group) also said that the back of the pattern looked good, too.

Not mine, it seems! Perhaps if I'd followed the directions about which side to slip the stitches on...

Oh, and for some reason, it came out huge for me. I hope it scrunches up well. Maybe it'll just be in the corner of the blanket... or the centre... or something!

1 comment:

  1. i like your color choices.
    this is going to be one fun afghan when all is said and done.


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