Saturday, April 30, 2011

From the sublime to the ridiculous

You may recall that I urged you a while ago to go help out Melissa on her I Hate Cancer blog. Well, it turns out that I won the yarn she was giving away! Lucky lucky me!

It is Malabrigo, in Lettuce, Rhodesian and Bobby Blue -- the colours seem a bit garish all together like this in a photo, but really, the subtle Malabrigo semi-solid magic is certainly there! I was thinking I needed to make some mittens for next winter, but with all this I might have to come up with a bigger, bolder plan! Stay tuned. And huge thanks to Melissa!

And look how nicely the yarn matches this crazy dolly dress!

The other day I was in Romni -- just looking, just for fun, you understand. I was feeling a bit faint next to the wall of sock yarn, and speaking sternly to myself about that, when I noticed a woman getting very excited about this stuff called Marina. She said you could knit a scarf in a couple of hours, and they looked all ripply and cool, and the yarn looked just like a big tape, but spread out outrageously. Well, I couldn't help myself! I picked the most garish ball I could spot.

But it wasn't thrilling me as a 10-stitch scarf...

So I knit a whole double colour repeat of it, back and forth over about 42 stitches, matching up the colour repeats. And then the question arises: what the heck do I do with this?

I knit the mesh with 9 mm needles, and when that yarn ended, I switched to dishcloth cotton on 6 mm. Buttonholes, a couple of seed stitch straps with buttons, and we're set. The doll had better stand demurely, because there is no seam up the back of the skirt, in fact!

And now everyone is happy!


  1. yay! i'm glad your yarn arrived safely!

    and how funny that it matches your latest creation. i still don't really understand that yarn, but i like that you turned it into a doll dress. very industrious of you.

  2. Must have been a lot cooler there this time of year than when we went last June! That's a fun use for the yarn.

  3. Some people at knitting group made scarves with it and hated it! Looks like you've found a better use for it.

  4. Such a creative solution. Every doll needs a wild skirt.


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