Saturday, April 09, 2011

It's my dad's birthday

This is my dad in... the late 1960s, I suppose, or early 70s. He seems to be having some trouble with our boat, Stinky III, on an unusually rough day.

If it's Stinky III, it must be the 70s. He built her in our basement. Stinky I (if one can call the first one by number like that) was probably already a garden fixture, and Stinky II is an aluminum boat that is still extant, though sadly grounded for several years.

I have 4 large moving boxes full of family slides in the basement that I still haven't excavated very thoroughly, and this, of course, was among them. Who took it, I wonder?

Whatevah, today is his 93rd birthday! So, happy birthday, Daddy, and I'll see you in a few short days!


  1. Hi, Mary. My comment was pretty much the same as my e-mail. I was also going to guess that mom took the picture, but knowing her success with cameras, maybe not. :-)
    Take care, Diane

  2. aw, happy 93rd birthday to your father!!

  3. How great! My dad would have been 92 this year. I keep thinking there must be a way to organize those slides and photos, but haven't got further than wondering. Let us know if you have a better solution.


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