Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring, I'm almost sure

The lilac seems to be full of flower buds this year and every day they are bigger and more open. Last year, I don't think we got a single flower. So exciting! (This lilac bush just appeared one year, about 1998, and it chose a very silly spot to grow in, squashed in the corner of a patio box. We keep thinking of transplanting it, but nowhere else is as sunny and warm. It's our little garden miracle that it doesn't freeze to death in the winter, so blooms are a real bonus!)

I'm going to fly outta here on Thursday, so I am tidying up loose ends. I had to finish up a library book, The Glassblower of Murano. I'm pretty sure I read about it on someone's blog... Liz? It was good, exciting and a bit suspenseful, with a love story and a travelogue and even Versailles!

Knitting loose ends are much more troublesome! I think I will just take my lace scarf, and some dishcloth cotton in case that gets boring. So, I leave behind the witchy shawl, with only a few feet of edging to do; the socks... oh, dear, I should take socks as well....; what about that blanket I was sewing together.... It doesn't bear thinking about all that. I will be back in less than a week and I'll {ahem} deal with all those things then.

And I'll just quickly add that today is not only the anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War, and of Yuri Gagarin's space flight, but also the 31st anniversary of the start of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope, which certainly had an effect on many Canadians for a long time.

Oh, and speaking of cancer... you must go to Melissa's cancer-hating blog and see that she is ready to walk and raise money to fight breast cancer, and is offering up a prize of Mmmmmalabrigo to a lucky donor! Go now!

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  1. oh i love lilacs. we have a small bush right outside our bedroom window... i love when the fragrance wafts inside.

    and thank you for the cancer-hating shout out - you're the best!!


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