Monday, May 02, 2011

Clarification, please

The Chia Pet has survived the winter and will soon be surrounded by baby cilantro plants, by the look of things. Very good, very good. Today, however, we are concerned with the red box beside him, containing tea -- special mountain grown tea from Taiwan, given to Stephen for his birthday recently.

I read the "directions" on the tin, and must share them.
  1. A tea quantity, may depend on the person to like, the quantity soaks.
  2. Soaks the tea set, uses the ceramic, the chinaware tea or the big tea cup, the drinking glass may.
  3. With the mountain water seepage or pure water, the taste is good.
I assume this all means "pour boiling water over the tea leaves," but who can say for sure? And where does one find "mountain water seepage"?

Now, to vote


  1. On a mountainside, of course!

  2. That'll be your posh mineral water, 'bottled at source'.

  3. oh thank you for the laugh!

    i dont' know that i'd want my water to have seepage of any sort in it :)


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