Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new never-ending project

I have a plan. These slides are a wee few from the four moving boxes full of slide trays. These all have cardboard, rather than plastic, frames, and the pictures are all bluish. Seascapes, skies. So far I have Australia, New Zealand and Portugal.

 I also have a hole punch and some other odds and ends. Bits of white paper, jump rings from the bead store, lampshades from the thrift store, taken to bits.

Ayers Rock!

It will be a lamp! I have enough slides for, oh, 100 lamps, I figure... But let's get one done before we plan too far ahead.

It needs several more layers. I took great care to put the pictures landscape-portrait-landscape-portrait, but the people who put the slides in the frames took no particular care to make sure the writing was one way or the other, so sometimes it says Kodachrome at the top and sometimes the bottom! Of course, the pictures from Australia were taken years before... or maybe after... the ones from Portugal!

Let there be light.

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