Monday, May 09, 2011

Two quick pictures, or maybe more

Today we have for you a picture showing the perils of gauge! You would think that the 25th square, knit with the same size needles and the same yarn, would be the same size as the other 24....

But you see here the nice, neat tension of the right-hand square, and the loose, not so neat tension of the new square. Some might rip and redo, but I know that that square was made from three scraps of yarn; that I am now working to a deadline on this blanket; and that the square will just squish in the corner and no one will ever notice. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I can't explain the deadline bit just now, but all will be revealed in a week or so!

The second picture is of a small selection of our excess Allen keys. We got one with each Ikea bookshelf we've ever owned, I imagine. I saved a couple of each size, though why, I'm not sure, and here is the whole lot that I have declared extra:

Quite a lot, eh?
Stephen is out of town. Do you think he will ever notice if they just disappear? Will he, one day, wonder why we only have a dozen various Allen keys and not 47?


  1. My first thought was "too many trips to IKEA" and lo, I was right. We probably have that many but they are hiding in corners.

  2. I was searching for a Allen wrench the other day. I should have checked with you! And yes, I'd squish the square and never give it another thought.

  3. you crack me up.
    you never *do* know when you might need 47 allen wrenches to finish a project.

    maybe you can knit them little sleeves and then hang them up as a mobile?


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