Sunday, May 01, 2011

What to do in May

I don't think I ever made knitting goals for April. In fact, April just whipped by a bit fast and here we are in May! Arthur has only 6 weeks of school left! The garden has sprung into being without me digging out that wretched patch of grass properly! Aaaack!

Okay, so let's settle down with some knitting.
  1. Felted Tweed Botticelli
  2. May square
  3. grey socks -- or perhaps start another plain pair of socks??
  4. sew together that dang blanket. Actually, if I finish it soon, I might even have a baby to give it to! 
It is the start of a new Project Spectrum. I have not really participated in the last couple of years, but now we are back to a colour family a month, and I am keen. I took some pictures of my red/orange/brown Botticelli, but it is dreary outside and the flash pictures I took inside look awful. Never fear: I have some others for you.

The rusty orange yarn, mmm.
A shiny red apple, mmm.
Ick! Pretty colour, but do I really have to interact with them?
I have joined a group on Flickr to participate in MacroMay. It just means one takes pictures through the macro lens... So I took a few red ones, and a green one, too!

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