Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's June

A new month. I first thought that whatever I had said I would do in May, I probably didn't do it! But I went to check, and it's not that bad.

Goals were:

  1. Felted Tweed Botticelli
  2. May square
  3. grey socks -- or perhaps start another plain pair of socks??
  4. sew together that dang blanket.
I did a lot on the Botticelli, but then dropped it to do the baby blanket. So that's 2 things I worked on. I also did the square, and even knit a bit on the socks! Not bad.

June is green month in Project Spectrum, and I shall knit a green square, of course. Also more green bits in the Botticelli. And, ahem, I will knit on those blasted socks, though I doubt I will get through my six baggies of sock yarn this year.

We have a trip coming up, which will require careful thought, as always. Perhaps I'll even work on the nice lace scarf, with yarn from Yarnscape, a pattern from Mary Lou and needles borrowed from my loyal blogless reader, Madeleine!

There will be lots of green. I took this a week or so ago, with the newish grass and the bright bits fallen off the trees. I like the stripes! (It's more impressive if you click to embiggen.)

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