Thursday, June 23, 2011

A mish mash of pictures

Well, phew! I was released from photo-load hell and finally allowed to get these pics up. It seems there are rather a lot!

Now, lessee... These are all mixed up. So I shall throw up my hands and just fake it here.

Green stuff:

This is just a wall with some plants, but our pictures are mostly grey and of buildings, so this stands out!

Ah, the High Line! We went there on our last day, and I had never heard of it before. Stephen had heard about it via the New York Times, I imagine. It was very cool to walk along the lovely park that had been a disused elevated railway track! Here's another article about art and grass and building and collapse. We bought a T-shirt, because one needs more shirts with enigmatic logos.

ETA: That is a sock! Must tell you the whole tale of the sock, one day.

Some green buildings. This is from the Top of the Rock, our second "high" spot, after the Empire State Building.

Mostly at these things I let Stephen take the pictures, so that they are on a different camera and there is a certain amount of fiddling necessary for me to get at the pictures. I will have to do that shortly, but that's why I don't have a lot of the classic pics today!

While we were up at the Top of the Rock, Elaine tried to push over the Empire State Building, though without success. 

Who knows exactly which gift shop this was in! We did eventually buy the crown, so look out, come Halloween!

This is some enamel from the Egyptian gallery at the Met. One day the boys went to see the Intrepid aircraft carrier/ plane museum, and Elaine and I went to the Met. I wanted to see (had, in fact, been commanded to see) the Alexander McQueen exhibit, but time was a bit tight and so we saw Elaine's favourites first: Ancient Greece and Rome, Egypt, and arms and armour! That museum is ginormous and it would take a year to see it all.

Bits from an ancient necklace! Well, a pretty fancy thing worn on the front of the body, if not exactly a necklace. They are little fruits and veg!

This! This is not Celtic or Irish or anything like that, but Byzantine. Very familiar ropey, cable-y designs. 

We also went to the Museum of Modern Art. Much of the stuff was a bit freaky for Elaine, so we searched out the absurd, rather than the cubist portraits. This chair/ breakfast combo is on the wall, for example.

One day, we actually met an actual person who lives in New York! We went via Strawberry Fields where people were carefully placing a green apple, a yellow submarine and god knows what else on the Imagine mosaic. We took pictures of the crowd and moved on.

And then we found Kay. We had a little lunch in the park and she gave us some pointers (ie, go to the Shake Shack instead of eating in the Natural History museum) and info (no, people don't really get fined for honking their horns, despite the signs). We did not knit!

To close off today, you can have the Morrises on Morris Street!

I hope to get you the Statue of Liberty and things like that shortly!


  1. Wow ...pretty cool and wow again...meeting with A Mason Dixon gal!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun. My mom has been raving about the High Line park.

    We also take pictures of interesting street signs. In SF last fall, there were two streets named for S.'s classmates.

  3. oh i'm green with envy - you got to meet KAY!?!?!


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