Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New York trip -- first attempt

I am not having good luck with Blogger's photo loading this morning, but I will do what I can!

We had a fine few days in New York. Air Canada's customer service people were on strike on our way out, so the plane was late, and then boarded in a very amateurish way by the managers, but we did get there. As an introduction to the big city, we had a harrowing cab ride down 7th Avenue in the dark!

We stayed in a hotel in Chinatown, which had a decent-sized room and breakfast included, so we were perfectly content with that, though I can certainly see why midtown would be preferable! We walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, and down to the financial centre, but were on the subway an awful lot.

As I said, I am having photo-loading issues, but I did get these two loaded earlier, of the Brooklyn Bridge.

A fastening, missing a nut

I'm sure this isn't meant as an anti-yarnbombing message, really

We noticed that although New Yorkers will cross the street regardless of what the traffic lights say, and will push the emergency door open to get out of a subway station, setting off alarms, just because things are too slow for them, they will not cross the line dividing cyclists from pedestrians on this bridge! The only people foolish enough to get onto the bikes' side were camera-toting tourists (not us, of course).

Well, this gives you a very imperfect idea of our trip, but is a fine representation of my problems with Blogger today.  Gajillions more pictures to follow!

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