Friday, June 24, 2011

Not 57 pictures

I went through Stephen's New York pictures, flagging the ones I wanted to show you. When I got to the end, I had 57 flagged!

I shall try to just show the super ones. "Super" shall be defined by me in an ad hoc way, as you know.

I'll make some of them small here -- just click to see them bigger if you are interested!

People standing near things:

Kids and Balto the dog

Wait, take a picture of my sock!

George Washington downtown

Here I must insert a funny story about tourists. The kids went up there to "stand in line" to get their picture taken with the grand guy, but the other people were much pushier and didn't realise that waiting their turn was an option. Of course, Arthur and Elaine didn't really care enough to jockey for position. This was Sunday morning, we were killing time till we went to the airport, and there was no one around but busloads of Chinese tourists.

As well as George Washington, they really like the bull

We just stood beside the bull...
Arthur and a haystack in the MoMa. There is golden thread wrapped around it, and, of course, a needle.
With one of the lions at the Library
A triceratops at the Natural History museum

On the Brooklyn Bridge

Now, this requires a few words! This is the window display at Anthropologie at the Rockefeller Center. All 35 mm slides, artfully arranged! My little brain is churning about how I can do this on my windows. It'd be great if one never wanted to open the window! Stay tuned about this! (The lampshade is in time-out right now because I put most of a layer on before realising I had to put the backing paper on, so I have to take them off, do it right, and put them back on. Stay tuned again about that!)

Some of the pictures are replaced with coloured paper.
Another thing that gets the creative juices flowing is this window! It was underneath the High Line park. I would like to think the glass has aged and coloured this way, but I bet that someone actually worked pretty hard to arrange this!

with flash
without flash

Many of the 57 original pictures were of buildings, but I figured those were probably unnecessary. Yeah, lots looked this these. But I did want to include this, which we called the Tin Foil building. It shines in the sunlight, and the waves on it are just delightful.

We also had several pictures, from a great variety of vantage points, of the new building at the World Trade Center. You can imagine: a building with some cranes poking out the top. Right now, it is about as tall as the surrounding buildings, but check back next year and it will tower above them. We were unprepared for all the attention to that... For us it happened a long time ago, and far far away, but it's still on the minds of people who live there. Of course.

I did promise you the Statue of Liberty. We took a cruise around the bottom end of the island, and this was what we saw:

We did get to the rail eventually, and took the proper tourist shot as well:

Finally, the view from the Newark airport:

And so, we bid farewell to Manhattan and all the joys and delights to be found there.

(Sixteen pictures tell only a part of the story!)

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  1. oh i love nyc!! i'm glad you had a wonderful time - thanks for sharing the pictures!!
    (even if they only tell *part* of the story!!)


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