Monday, June 27, 2011

While taking pictures of knitting, I saw some other things

I started making Sunday Best! I have wanted an olde-style denim gansey thingmajig for some time, but I couldn't decide which one, and my dye lots are all mixed up and what's a girl to do? But I need a cotton project and after one false start, I am settled now. (My dye lot situation made me consider Action, but after a moment, I realised that it would be unflattering to say the least. The pictures on that pattern page don't show the horizontal band on the bottom -- great way to use up a mixed bag of yarn; great way to look like the Michelin Man.)

I have 10 balls of one dye lot and 12 of another, and I need 23 for my size. So, make the cuffs and edges in a miscellaneous dye lot (I have 4 balls in this lot, so no prob there) and alternate the other two till one runs out.

I wondered if this level of persnicketiness was called for...

Alas, yes, it was! I think the cuff is noticeably different, and I can see definite two-row stripes in the stocking stitch. The thing is, can anyone else? I don't think it'll detract from the awesomeness of the finished sweater -- after 20 cm of edge + stocking stitch, I start the diamond/ seed stitch/ cable part, and that covers the rest of the body.

We have had rather pissy weather lately. Thunderstorms, cloudy, damp, grey. But today the sun is out, and the garden has certainly benefited from all that water.

hosta flower just coming out

hosta leaf, green for Project Spectrum

open flower in all its glory
Elaine has two more days of school, then we hang around for a week, and then we are off for an Ontario lakeshore holiday. No big buildings, except perhaps sand castles. I'll just have this gigantic sweater done by the time we get back, won't I?

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  1. I can't see stripes - just that it looks prettily variegated!


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