Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The denim continues

I have got into the patterning on the pullover. It is not hard to remember what to do where; in fact, I think it will begin to get tedious after a while! But I did choose this one with long vertical stripes of the same pattern, over the equally gorgeous Fleet, where the stitch pattern changes a lot and one must always have the directions to hand!

I seem to have put my cable needle down somewhere, and with such little stitches I do feel better using one, so I'd best find it.

I guess that looks like a sort of silly place to put a marker, but it is the middle of the row. The pattern just throws you on to the chart, without writing out a set-up row, so I was feeling a bit uncertain for a moment there. I suppose I can take that marker off now!

Some funny shadows can be made with the late afternoon sun:

hand and camera

And now for something completely different:

travel books

I was dropping Elaine at a friend's house the other day and saw a gorgeous photo over their fireplace. A big picture of big books. So I am taking pictures of a few shelves.

spy books

Lighting is a problem, especially with shiny book covers. I do love digital photography: I would never have taken a bunch of pictures of bookshelves with film!

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