Monday, July 18, 2011

Home again, from sun, sand and surf

Beach stuff in action! Floaty things, digging stuff, a water bottle and a sock.

We went to a little town called Turkey Point, on the shores of Lake Erie. Little did we know, we walked right into the wildest weekend of the year, the Pottahawk Piss-up! People congregated in Turkey Point, parked their motorbikes and switched to boats, and then went away to get drunk at Pottahawk, so we really didn't notice them much! Certainly the beach was much more crowded on the weekend, but I'm not sure how much that had to do with that party!

Anyways, we enjoyed the beach:

Elaine swimming, or at least, about to swim. It was pretty darn cold, but "one gets used to it." The beaches all along that stretch of shore are very gently sloping, so that it was practically impossible to get in over your head, even if you are 11. I even went in, although with my glasses on, I didn't dunk my head... Best to be able to see, I figured.

See, Mary in a bathing suit...

Arthur did some swimming, too, but his forte is digging. This culvert had been sorely neglected, as you can see by some remaining green scummy stuff. But our heroes went and opened the passage for the water to get to the lake.

Besides the beach, we tried out the local mini-golf course. What a perfectly silly thing to do! We had to put the ball through a cannon, up into a funnel, round a loop-de-loo and so on!

Stephen also led the team in puzzle-doing. We worked on this dang 1000-piece view from the Empire State Building the whole week, finishing it on, I think, our penultimate day. That single row of sky was the killer. Well, and the big shadow. And the fact that really, one brownish building with windows looks much like any other!

Now we are back safe and sound, with the kids hanging around for a week before stints at various camps start next week. I was down in the basement with a week's worth of laundry for a day or two, but think that's more or less under control now. I'll show you my sock soon -- it's almost done, really!

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  1. looks like a perfect trip!
    glad you all had fun - welcome home!!


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