Saturday, August 13, 2011

I found some pinkness

This poor old bit of a shawl was sitting in a corner, just waiting for me to return to it. I now have the perfect idea of what to do with it when it's done, so I dug it out and am once again having a ball with it!

It doesn't look very pink here, but it will, it will!

The bottom point, adding the 3rd row of scallops

Top left-hand corner, with pink!

The whole thing, thus far
I hope nothing terrible happens, like running out of yarn. Certainly I could add another kind of Noro sock yarn, but I'd rather not!

It's a bit of a scrumpled mess, but it will block out divinely, I am sure. 

 A bit of a pink leaf


  1. Looks as though it will be interesting when done!

  2. oh i love the colors noro mixes together.
    just the perfect little peep of pink!

  3. You can always rely on Noro for a bit of unexpected pink! I think the shawl will be wonderful, and I love the floe-up leaf shot, too.


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