Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post box confusion

I saw this picture on a fashion board on Pinterest (it originally came from here), and of course, wondered about the post box!

Can it be a real British one? Flowery top like a Penfold, round base?

I suspect trickery of some sort, but haven't scoured the internet for confirmation... yet!

Do you Pin? I find it amusing and think it might be a good way to keep track of pages to go back to, like recipes, but can't imagine having the time to just collect pretty pictures and look at them.

But, heck, one can find odd pictures of hybrid pillar boxes, so I guess it's fine!

Still a few days left to enter to win a skein of yarn, on the previous post!

ETA: My sister pointed me to this, which is a meter-high garden ornament. That one in the picture is more than a meter high and not quite the same; one must presume it is the real-life model. I wonder if I can find a sponsor for a trip through the UK to find it. Hmmmm.  

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