Thursday, August 04, 2011

So many things, knitting edition

There was talk of sock knitting, but I haven't touched a sock since I finished the stripey one.

I finally got around to working on the July Block of the Month, right around the end of the month. This reminds me of why I don't have that big fancy-pants cabled sweater.  

 Every right side row has a cable on it and the poor knitter never gets a break! I plugged away at it in a few sessions and am glad it's done -- and August's square is cabley too, so I'm not jumping in to do that right yet!

dappled shade on the deck
Now I really do have to go buy more yarn. I figure I need to have 16 squares to get a blanket, so I'd best buy 3 more balls. Perhaps lean toward a fall-leaves sort of palette?

I needed something easy-peasy to knit while distracted, so I took one of Melissa's balls of Malabrigo and started a triangle.

dappled shade, but also semi-solid yarn
I am not sure how far one ball will get me, but will just see how things work out. I am certainly willing to make a blue/orange/green shawl.

When I am not knitting squares or mindless triangles, I am making my Sunday Best.

I am super keen to see it finished! Knit knit knit. It is nice because it's cotton and one can hold it without breaking a sweat. I am almost at the armhole shaping on the back, so there is still a long way to go!



  1. I know what you mean about needing a cool yarn to knit with in the summer. I love the idea of a sampler blanket though and look forward to seeing your finished Sunday best

  2. love the july square! glad you were able to show those cables who's boss!

    and yay for starting a project with the malbrigo!! it's sure to make a dreamy-soft shawl!!

  3. I love the little geranium buds, don't you? Cabling EVERY RS row is just plain mean. It turned out great, however.

  4. I love the colours you've used for your blanket.


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