Sunday, January 01, 2012

A new year with new plans

Oh ho, what shall I do in 2012?

I seem to have joined some of those groups on Ravelry, like 12 in 2012, and the more dangerous Stash knit down group, where I have pledged to knit 12 things for charity in 2012, plus I may have said some things in the thread where people are doing 12 12s.

My list from that group in fact is:
  1. 12 socks (six pairs)
  2. 12 dishcloths
  3. 12 afghan squares
  4. 12 gifts
  5. 12 things for charity
  6. 12 hats (some baby, some adult)
  7. 12 projects from books I haven’t used. I have so many patterns I look at but don’t knit!
I think the items from #3, #6 and #7 will overlap quite a bit with #5, and #2 and #4 might well be almost identical! Of course, that's only 7 times 12. The trick will be keeping track -- and I might well just knit away as usual and not bother with the keeping track. Bad to be so casual about it already, on the first day of the year!

Other plans:
  1. Finish Botticelli
  2. Finish Sunday Best, abandoned in the summer, I think
  3. Make something with my Rowan 4 ply -- maybe just a ton of hats, maybe a blanket, maybe I can get Elaine to choose some pattern.
Generally, I think I will tend towards smaller things, rather than sweaters.

Someday soon I will count up my 2011 knitting!

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