Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A blast from the past (with brackets)

The ol' knitting mojo is indeed rising. I was stymied for a while there, but then I made the buttonhole bag (to be felted next week, now, I believe) and the juices started flowing. My latest ridiculous project is the resurrection of Basalt.

When last you saw it (July 2008, according to Ravelry!) (which now has 2,000,000 members, as I'm sure you know) it looked like this:

Now, it looks like this:

Please forgive the crappy photo; it was snowy and wet and miserable today and there was no light and certainly no taking the knitting outside!

I took it all apart some time ago, and rather foolishly (no, not really foolishly, but I might be in trouble anyways) used a lot of the yarn involved in the jazzy baby blanket a year or two ago. (Oh, did I ever show you the picture with the baby: 

Isn't he cute! And he matches so nicely!)

So, I now have to make at least two half-hexagons and 2 little slices to make a flat thing one could wrap a baby in, and I have about 2 balls of yarn. Can I do it? Can I find more?

The fun never stops.


  1. Oh, such a cute baby! On a gorgeous blanket, too.

    I'd be tempted to remove the two sections with the slices, if that isn't too hard, and knit three half-hexagons in a coordinating color, giving you nearly a rectangle. Then maybe use the leftover green for a border? It's going to make a stunning blanket.

  2. very cool. i hope you don't run out of yarn!!

    and yes, that is one adorable baby!!


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