Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sky scarf update and even more knitting

Guess what? I have actually been knitting.

The sky scarf had a bit of an issue with yarn amounts.  I ran out of the white-cloud colour, and didn't feel like buying more, didn't feel like fudging and pretending the sky was clear when it wasn't (though it's just knitting, who cares?) and had about 3 or 4 feet of scarf.


I bound the end off with the beginning and made a mobius thingmabob. It's too short to wrap again, but it sits snugly enough around the neck that one could wear it and it would keep you warm. Which is all we ask, isn't it?

Of course, then I wondered what to do with the rest of the sky colours. This little hat will fit an 8-year-old or so. Clear skies below, dark clouds above!

I have still more of the light blue and the greyish, so I am making another little hat. Fun and games.

Future knitting news: I have a friend who always admires my buttonhole bag which I made a million years ago. The inspiration long ago. The recent kick in the pants. $650?!? I could make you that! Here is bag #1, which I never use, and (oh, my, this was a challenge to find) bag #2 (scroll down a bit) which comes out for a few weeks in the fall because I am so coordinated that way, y'know. (It doesn't look that garish in real life, I assure you.) My friend and I are going shopping for yarn tomorrow and I will just whip that bag #3 up in no time at all. (Pattern is here or, more prettily, here; Ravelry projects here.)

I also just have to mention this. I read that entry in 2006, and sent off to the Victoria & Albert website a picture of my buttonhole bag. But now, that website is not the same as it once was. And for some reason I didn't put the picture on my own blog! So, lucky for me I didn't have a blog when I made it, and had to borrow Ann and Kay's.

Phew, that is a lot of stuff for one day!

Edited in March 2014: A lot of links no longer work, but I've updated as best I can!


  1. Your sky mobius is lovely. The weather has a nice flow to it.

  2. love the sky mobius!
    considering how the weather is rather cyclical it's quite fitting.

    ps. +$600 for a felted tote bag?!?!?! insanity.