Monday, February 27, 2012

Some old, some new

I made this dishcloth earlier this month and just didn't get a picture of it till now. Ballband dishcloth made of red Lion's Brand cotton and redyellowblue Bernat. It's gone into the drawer of things being saved for the future.

These little hats will also go to that drawer, and eventually get given to Children's Aid, most likely.


I helped a friend pack boxes of gifts at a community centre before Christmas and, frankly, was appalled at the crap hats people had donated! So I am determined to make a bunch of nice hats in a variety of sizes, and unisex in colour and style, before next Christmas comes around. Norma wrote about this issue regarding the Red Scarf project. Make nice stuff! Don't give crap knitting to charity!

The perfect I-cord thingy.

Small, but not crappy.

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