Thursday, March 22, 2012

The finished buttonhole bag



The miracle of felting! The colours are less garish because the yarn fuzzed up and mellowed out, I guess. I am glad I added that extra bit. It is the perfect size.

Now, I have lots of other things to make. Arthur is wearing holes in his socks and I must darn old socks and knit new socks. I have a baby blanket experiment under way and a mostly finished cardigan.

But I really enjoyed making this bag and it was so quick and satisfying! The temptation is rather strong to whip up another, but I mean to resist... especially since the weather is really hot and a felted bag should be made in the fall or winter, really. Right? 


  1. the finished bag is lovely!!

    and i say, if you're feeling the need to make felted bags, then by all means make felted bags! :)

  2. So, not being a knitty person(gasp!), how do you do the felting?


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