Sunday, March 04, 2012

Hiding from teenage boys

Arthur is celebrating his 15th birthday today! There are a bunch of boys downstairs, playing D&D and eating junk. Which, of course, I provided.

Later I will give them pizza and cake:

I found this Kit Kat cake via Pinterest; here's the original

It's just a double-layer chocolate cake, iced and surrounded by Kit Kats, with Smarties on top!

My plain old birthday cake tends to be the Six-Minute Cake, which I knew in my childhood as Timmy Cake, since my cousin Tim used to make it a lot. Some people call it Wacky Cake. I was making cupcakes with it the other day to take to Elaine's class, as it was her birthday. There's a girl in the class who can't have dairy, egg whites or gluten, so a cake that she can eat has to be pretty darn special! But I was stirring things up and thought, "Huh, no eggs, no butter... All I would have to do is get some gluten-free flour!" So I did, and I made the recipe just as is, but with gluten-free flour and 2 tsps of baking soda rather than one. And it was perfect! Another triumph for Timmy Cake!

And now I've written this blog post; I think I will venture downstairs again to witness the chaos before ordering pizza. Luckily the next birthday is my own!


  1. So lovely. The original looks good too, but probably much harder to cut, what with the M&Ms flying everywhere.

    Did the boys even notice the color scheme, or were they too busy inhaling the cake?

  2. what a fun cake!

    happy birthday to arthur!


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