Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Break trip

Ah, home sweet home.

On my holiday, I made a dishcloth

And another, that has good texture on both sides
Okay, enough about knitting!

We went to Saint Lucia for the week the kids had off school. We stayed in a resort with pools and restaurants and all-inclusive drinks in reclining chaises, so it was pretty good!

Elaine and Stephen in a kayak
Mary and Elaine on a banana boat
That banana boat ride was a bit adventurous. Elaine and I both are blind as bats without our glasses, and our glasses are photosensitive, so they are our sunglasses as well. But I figured if we lost them we would be very, very sad, so we undertook this adventure squinting and glasses-less. Our companions on this ride were two ladies who spent the whole week wiggling their fingers at each other, so I hoped no signals would be relayed to us from the boat, as two of us couldn't see and two couldn't hear. Actually, we were meant to just sit on the big inflated thing while they towed us around, and many people had done this without mishap, but we somehow dumped out in the briny deep. Salt water up the nose! But so glad we didn't lose the specs!

An upside-down crab claw on the way to the kids' pool
Our adventures outside the resort were the really exciting bits, of course.

One day we went to Pigeon Island, a big rock from which, after climbing up up up, you can see (on a clear day, which we didn't have) Martinique, or any attacking navies, or Spanish gold ships to plunder, and which is no longer an island. They built a causeway, connecting the island to the mainland and making a nice big bay for a marina at the same time. We climbed up to the place where the British in their wool uniforms banged away with their 24-pounders at the French.

Cannon pointed toward Martinique
Not much to defend against these days
Ruined building
We were told by just about everyone that St Lucia had gone back and forth between the French and English 14 times. So people speak a creole (actually, Kwéyòl) as well as English, and are mostly Roman Catholic. It's been British since they secured it from Napoleon, I believe.

The inside of a big seed-pod we found on Pigeon Island
The causeway, complete with Sandals resort
A surprise treat: a pillar box! The kids took up their old pose somewhat reluctantly
Another day we took a catamaran cruise down the west coast from Castries to Soufrière, seeing the Pitons, the botanic gardens and the mud boiling and stinking in the volcanic crater; having a meal in a restaurant perched on a hillside; and whooping it up on the boat!

The restaurant had a great view of the Pitons
The restaurant was very colourful 

And the restaurant had the best faucets ever! Water poured out through the shells
We've got the moves, baby. Dancing on the return trip on the boat
The thing that will remain forever fixed in our minds, however, must be the ziplining.

Before: all suited up with hairnets and harnesses
Elaine zipping along
You may have read the adventures of the Yarn Harlot on this ziplines.  She mentions "braking." I somehow imagined a mechanical thing. Also I imagined something a bit more high-tech than a clothesline strung through the rainforest. Alas. Our brakes were our own tender hands in work gloves, and when someone (ahem, me) got stuck, we had no "rescue," but had to pull ourselves along the wire backwards, with those same tender hands. Our family suffered only one injury on this trip, and that was a blister on my finger from accidental braking!

My wound! Can I get an "awwww"?
But it was on the last of the 12 lines, and although this "walk of shame" was immortalized in a video my wretched son took, you will never see it!

After! Success!
All in all, it was a blast!

Finally we shook off the last of the sand and got up bright and early to get the bus to the airport. Little did we know there was a foul-up at the Toronto airport and everything was delayed and messed up. We spent five hours in the teeny little Hewanorra International Airport, knitting and reading and watching people mill about anxiously. Ultimately, of course, we returned home safe and sound and slightly tanned.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! Hope it was enough R&R for everyone--should we put it on our list for future adventures?
    Perhaps for a small fee darling Arthur will show me the video?
    Hope to see you soon and look at all the photos.

  2. ya haha i wanna see the vid too!LOL
    The picture of you all duded up in gear is my favourite!


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