Monday, March 05, 2012

Not gonna run out of yarn

I took a wee bit of a trip to the yarn shop the other day, and was lucky enough to find the same kind of yarn for my blanket! I had bought the Rockpool green in the discount basement years ago, and there was no more of that colour, but I did luck into several other colours which will go quite nicely.

I wish I had done this before starting my first half-hexagon, because I would have maybe made it a full hex, and in a different colour. The blanket will be a bit lopsided, with all the green on one side, instead of, perhaps, down the middle. Perhaps, maybe, whatever.

What I did, in fact, is make the centre of that piece in the yellowy green.

I went on to make the slices in rusty brown and light green.

And am making a whole hexagon in between those bits in the yellowy green again.

Really, it'll all flatten out! I mean to do full hexagons over the slices, and then another half in between those, and then I think it'll be a nice big blanket. Am wondering about the edges, but we'll worry about that in a bit!

(We all survived the day of boys yesterday, but it was a bit wild towards the end! The cake got 90% eaten; no one spilled root beer, that I know of; and there was just enough leftover pizza for breakfast.)

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  1. what a crazy-fun project this is!
    i'm enjoying watching it all come together.


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