Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quick camera question

Which one:

Canon Powershot Elph?

Or Nikon Coolpix?

We want high quality photos, lightweight camera, a few of the standard options... Big viewing screen on the back.

We felted the bag at my friend's house yesterday, but I completely forgot about a picture! Next time I go I will have to take a coffee cup. It came out gorgeous!


  1. We've had 2 Coolpix cameras (different models). Both suffered the same fatal software failure w/i 18-24 mths of purchase. One was under warranty, took a couple months to get back, failed again soon after and was no longer covered. Both cost more to fix than to just get another camera. Three of my daughters have Canons (PowerShots) and have dragged them everywhere (one to Africa and Costa Rica, one to Australia, all to college, the beach, skiing...) and have subjected them to all manner of abuse over the course of several years. Still take great pics. That makes me more partial to Canons over Coolpix but your mileage may vary. May I also note that one daughter also has a Nikon DSLR that she loves and which has caused her no problems.

    1. Thanks, that's all good to know!


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