Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green scarf made of bits

Once upon a time, as you may have heard, I went to the Textile Museum's sale. I got some dishcloth cotton and some puffball yarn and some other nice-ish stuff. I picked up three balls of Paton's Cotton Top, which is sort of boucle/lumpy cotton, along with some green teeny cotton in three partial balls.

This is a pretty radical adaptation of a scarf from Vogue Knitting from a year or two ago.  The original scarf was wool, and double this width, and very long! You start with some diamonds on the end, then pick up stitches along the side and knit the leaf pattern up. The original says to knit two pieces like this and join them in the middle, but that idea fell by the wayside with me.

You can't really tell there is a leaf pattern there, can you?

I ran out of the greens and so just carried on in the ecru. No more green, no more leaves!

I made the second half in garter stitch, with a bit of stocking stitch up the middle just for fun. Three-needle-bind-off'd the ends and lo! A cowl.

It will be not too warm, but just warm enough, for the fall, I think! It can be a hood, or snug around the neck, or just a long, goofy thing around the neck! (It looks divine over a nightgown, too.)

And a squash leaf for you. Just a bit of a squash leaf.

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