Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Once upon at time, I picked up this ball of yarn at the Textile Museum's sale. It is a string with puff-balls along it! 

I've seen yarn like this where the string was hard and unpleasantly like kite-string, but this was okay. I might have something to say about the colour choices here, though. The blues I like, but that beige adds nothing good, I'd say.

I knit this up once before using 15 mm needles, and it looked like a crazy spiderweb. There were thoughts of using it for a doll blanket, but no doll with any style would take it... So, I ripped it out and redid it the other day on 9 mms. And all the puff-balls lined up super neatly! Knitting on 10 stitches in garter stitch, I get 6 balls per side. Boom, boom, boom, all in a row.

I am still not totally sure what to do with the ends, but I'll hide them somehow and it is a scarf for a small person, and it is weird and fun. Weird, for sure.

I have been thinking about my Olympic knitting as well. The games open on a Friday, and we leave town on the Saturday. Friday afternoon Elaine comes home from camp. So, perhaps that evening I'll be busy, but I mean to have everything sorted and packed so that I can just sit and knit and watch the opening ceremonies for a bit, doncha think? Oh, and wash Elaine's camp clothes to get ready to go away the next morning...

I had some little pink baby yarn that I wanted to use for a hat, and it has disappeared. I have set aside two bags all made up with yarn, needles and patterns, so that is good.  I am not planning a whole 17 days' worth of knitting at once, but I have 3 or 4 hats set up and that will last me my week's holiday and beyond.

I have also noticed a ton of yarn in my closet that I need to either turn into something or get rid of. Honestly. Must make Arthur a new laptop case! Must make shawls and gloves and sweaters! Must knit faster!! Must not waste a day knitting puff-balls??

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  1. well i'm sure it won't be hard to find a small person who likes weird scarves... kids are fun like that!


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