Friday, July 13, 2012

Secret knitting

I did a bit of secret knitting recently. Not secret from you, of course, but from one person somewhere in New York state. I am doing a dishcloth swap in a group on Ravelry. Pretty minimal: a dishcloth and a postcard. The turnaround time is pretty fast, but, it's just a dishcloth! So, I whipped up this beauty and sent it off the other day.

This is the Lizard Ridge cloth. I made a block of this for my blanket last year and this time, I am pleased to report, all my Wrap & Turn stitches look pretty good!

Gold cotton leftover from the Teacher Trekkie washcloth -- Oh, my, did I ever tell you about that? I made Elaine's teacher a Baby Trekkie for an end-of-year gift, but neglected to take a picture of it. He loved it. He is a big geek, so both my kids loved him when they had him. Elaine did a report on the connections between Canada and Star Trek. More fun than the Olympics, for sure!

Anyways! The other yarn is some Sugar 'n' Cream that I got at the Textile Museum's More Than a Yardage Sale in May. No label.

I am using Google Chrome for this now. I used to use Firefox, but Blogger told me not to do that anymore... This is okay. I haven't found anything that's actually better or worse. Which is fine with me!


  1. Thatr's very pretty. I think I'd hang it on the wall. ;-) Diane

  2. Like the colours. Fingers crossed I'm still managing with Firefox AND Blogger...

  3. I just stumbled across this entry, having missed it when it was posted. I love that colour combination. It's almost too good for a dishcloth!


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