Saturday, September 01, 2012

A new school year means new resolutions

Well, guys, there are a lot of things I would like to knit, and a lot of things I am in the middle of knitting, and a lot of yarn strewn about the house.

and a sunflower in the front garden

WIPS, off the top of my head:
  1. the sock-in-bag, which will continue in the bag and get worked on now and then. 
  2. Botticelli's border. Ay ay ay. I haven't looked at it since it misbehaved while in London. It's only about 18 stitches wide, and it's a simple zigzag of yarnovers and k2togs, but I have messed it up more than once. I have to knit several more miles of it and then sew the whole thing together. And it will be a lovely fall sweater, so let's just get right on that!
  3. I unearthed Sunday Best a while back and need to make the remaining 75% of that. So nice! Want, want! Must knit...
  4. I bought some yarn a while back for mittens, and mitten season is approaching much faster than we know. Hm. 
  5. I have a nice shawl barely started. 
  6. I'm going to the Film Festival next week and need something simple, on a circular needle, easy to carry around. Hmm, a hat?
Okay, let's stop there!

I went back to look at those goals I'd made at the beginning of the year. Some I'm way ahead on; others might just get a big FAIL next to them at the end of the year!
  1. 12 socks (six pairs) 3 socks done
  2. 12 dishcloths 9 done
  3. 12 afghan squares 4 done, all in January
  4. 12 gifts 8 so far, and likely a 9th, but I haven't sent it off yet!
  5. 12 things for charity 12 done
  6. 12 hats (some baby, some adult) 11 done
  7. 12 projects from books I haven’t used. I have so many patterns I look at but don’t knit! Oh, my gawd.... No idea. a couple of stitch patterns here and there?
On top of all this, I over-exerted myself with the knitting over the Olympics and then seem to have continued to hurt myself with occasional knitting and much "mousing" on the computer. So my right arm hurts in the elbow-like region, and I should just leave all this and go read a book, I believe. Just don't expect the FOs to be flying off the needles! Waah!


  1. oooh - i'm sorry to hear that your arm is hurting you. take care of yourself. i'm glad to hear you're off to read a book!
    the nice thing about knitting goals is they're rather flexible. (especially when there are medical concerns)

  2. Elbow pain, ugh, I know it well. We can discuss tomorrow if you want to see if we have similar issues.

  3. I get shoulder pain from the mouse and knitting and all that right handed stuff. Massage and a book sounds perfect.

  4. Mom had to give up knitting because of neck pain. I don't knit, but I hurt anyway. :-)
    I was so glad to see your new message today. I like Elaine, but I wanted to see something new. (I check your blog every day.) I wont expect another for a while, seeing as your mousing arm is sore. I can relate. Love, Me

  5. I get shoulder pain if I overdo the crafting, or computer. Take a break and read a book - the knitting can wait!

  6. So, how was the first day of school? Didn't Arthur have to start a new school? Anyway, I hope it all went well. Love, Me


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