Saturday, September 15, 2012

Now that was a good movie

Jayne Mansfield's Car was the last of my festival movies. Set in 1969 in the South of the US, it deals with a Daddy (who was in WWI), his three sons and a daughter (the boys were in WWII, in varying degrees) and his grandchildren (who are eligible for the Vietnam draft). The matriarch of this gang left long ago and went to England to marry a gent played by John Hurt.

She dies; the two families meet when her body is brought back to her homeland.

War is somehow on everyone's mind -- they either succeeded or failed at it themselves; their kids think about it differently than they do; it is noble or terrible. Everyone is crazy.

Scenes are often separated by a completely black screen, just for a moment. One of these black screens appears about a minute before the end of the movie. Don't start to applaud then; it's not over just yet.

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  1. So, does Jayne Mansfield even get mentioned? I thought it might be about her death in ther car crash. Love, Diane


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