Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blog, oh blog

Hello out there in blog land.

I have not been to Rhinebeck. I have no new yarn to show you.

I have not knitted anything, though I did think of sewing up the bits of Botticelli that I have. I'll see if that hurts my elbow or not.

I did go to the Creativ Festival and looked at sewing machines. Of course, I preferred the $1000 one over the $500 ones, and didn't end up buying anything but a few beads.

I made this necklace and Stephen said it was "eclectic." When I asked what the heck that was supposed to mean, he said it had too many kinds of beads, and it should have maybe only one kind of bead. It actually has a mere six different beads in it!

Luckily I stopped going to him for fashion advice some decades back.

The thing that spurred me into blogging today was this blog by someone calling himself Jean-Paul Sartre. I especially like the last entry:

"It has been over a month since I have updated my blog. I am seized with an urge to apologize. But to whom, and to what end?" 

Ah, Jean-Paul, what can I say?


  1. Jean-Paul should not feel alone. Here is a whole blog of posts that include "Sorry I haven't posted..."


    Beads that look like picture frames for other beads! How creative!

  2. well i like your necklace, and i would just consider "eclectic" a compliment!

    i say don't apologize or feel guilty for not blogging, everyone understands, and we'll all be here when and if you do decide to post!


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