Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I took some pictures

I still have not been knitting. Did I tell you the last crazy thing I did? It hurt to do anything with my right arm, so I thought, aha, I have to go to Arthur's school for a meeting and I will occupy myself, and get so much exercise -- I will walk home from the school! That is fine, except the school is about five miles away, and it's been a while since I walked five miles all at once. I ended up with Plantar Fasciitis, which is fancy talk for "sore foot." I am getting some orthotics and have been stretching and so on. Tired of this advancing decrepitude, though!

Around here, the leaves are mostly off the trees.

The garden has been trimmed up and is ready for winter.

a hinge on the back shed

And the back gate. I remember when we built this, we thought the kids would never be tall enough to reach this latch. Ha, that didn't last long!

Here's to opening doors and gates!

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  1. Hi Mary. I have had plantar fascitis too. Perhaps I still do a bit. I find padded foam insoles help some. My chiropractor at the time ordered some firm foam insoles which were great except he pressed my toes down when he made the impressions, which meant the arch support part was a little high, which eventually led to my hips getting sore, so I gave up using them and went to using Dr Scholl's off the shelf ones.Syd


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