Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tonight's fruit salad

I'm taking dessert to a gathering of friends tonight, and when offered the choice of fruity or baked, they went for fruity. So, I am taking the simplest of fruity desserts: a bunch of fruit cut up in a bowl.

First the grapefruit. Then a couple of perfect kiwi fruit. (Then, I get the idea to document this!)

Dump a basket of blueberries in.

Mmm, a mango cut into little bitty pieces.

A couple of clementines, sections cut in half.

Finally, a banana.

I worried that the banana would get brown and icky, and was going to add it at the last minute, but I decided it had to be in there now, to absorb the grapefruit juice/Cointreau mixture I poured over the whole thing.

So, that will sit in the fridge for a few hours and be, one hopes, super perfecto this evening!

I will add some knitting content, too, though not my own knitting.
I was downtown the other day to visit the wretched dentist.

Free picture of bright blue sky

There was a guy sitting with his hat out for change, and clearly he'd been to some place that distributed our knitted contributions.

I was glad to see a nice blanket of squares being so useful and appreciated, but I didn't have cash to give him and didn't think he'd just want to talk knitting, so I crossed the street to take this picture. When I turned around, I saw I was in front of a shop selling this scarf of squares. Kinda the same??


  1. How great to see one of your blankets put to good use!

    1. I can't say it's mine, but it certainly could contain a square of mine, and it certainly was made by the same process we all engage in... I always keep my eye out for my hats, too,but have never seen one "on the hoof," so to speak!


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