Friday, February 08, 2013

It's snowing

There's a lot of snow here today. It started yesterday afternoon and hasn't stopped.

The kids were a bit sad that school was not cancelled.

No barbecue tonight, I'm afraid.


  1. Your table looks like a perfect angel food cake! I want to eat it with ice cream and berries.

  2. R was quite disappointed, too, that school was still on.

  3. Shuli's school just decided to close one hour early. Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, they kept everyone home all day because it was projected to start snowing mid-day. This predicting/deciding stuff is tough.

  4. yay snow!!
    boo on no snow day!! that's totally not fair! i'm going to have to side with your kiddos on this one.

  5. Ooooh white and fluffy! Very nice (to watch from behind glass with a mug of something warm lol)


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