Monday, March 18, 2013

Home again

47 years later

We went, we conquered and we came back.

On the plane home yesterday, I was composing fiery epistles about our travel: we got stuck behind the lines of the Rome Marathon, then dealt with late planes and iffy connections, but I have calmed down a bit.

Mainly I felt stupid for not realizing the whole old city was surrounded by yellow tape and runners. We should have ducked down out of the city via the Metro, or walked and even just ducked under the tape at the end of our street, from the outset, rather than not checking the map  -- surely no-one would encircle a city in yellow tape? We also falsely assumed a cab driver would know what to do (though ultimately, the only thing for us to do was get out of the cab, run with our luggage across the stream of marathoners, and pick up another cab on the other side).

But as I say, I'm over it now. Really.

Give me a day or two to sort the millions of pictures. We saw ancient stuff, renaissance stuff, church stuff and city stuff, and oh, the floors! Tiny stone mosaics, big slabs of coloured marble, and everything in between. Stay tuned!


  1. Oooh, I love pretty floors. And fancy ceilings. Looking forward to your pictures.

    And welcome home to lovely Toronto! We brewed up a winter storm just for you.

  2. I feel your bewilderment; Cambridge was circled in yellow tape the Sunday before last (for a mere half marathon)and I had to get a taxi to the edge of town, then walk. Most of my colleagues got held up, too. One had to wait 5 minutes for runners to thunder past.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more about Rome.

  3. welcome back!
    i'm just glad you didn't have to finish running the marathon with your luggage in tow!


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